Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation

About M.T.O.I.

Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation is the founding assembly of Messianic Torah Observant Israel (M.T.O.I.), a fellowship of congregations and people from around the world. M.T.O.I. is also headed by Rabbi Steve Berkson.

It is the goal of M.T.O.I. to facilitate by providing a safe structure and environment by promoting a general respect for all, where everyone is encouraged to serve each other, while allowing space for people to walk out their own salvation. M.T.O.I. endeavors to have an organization and leadership that is transparent as it serves the needs of the Body. M.T.O.I. takes a Biblical stand when viewing any divisive issues and attempts to clear up the mass of confusion that is out there.

M.T.O.I. will utilize all available technology and social media to help share information and encourage discussion, education, and support. It will leverage all of our resources to provide benevolence, counseling, outreach, courses, and instructional teachings for mass distribution to all that are interested or in need domestically and globally.

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Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation